Monday, December 16, 2013

Inflatable Jump Houses for all Occasions

No matter how much we stop children from running, jumping and bumping, they would continue to do so as it is part of their nature. If a place is given to them where they could do all this without any external worries, it gets electrifying. Happy Jump's inflatable jump houses are suitable for all occasions whether it is a party, carnival, amusement park or a public event. These products enable the parents as well as children enjoy a good time which eventually helps the event to be successful. Happy Jump has been manufacturing inflatable products for over a decade and has established its credibility with the manufacturing techniques and the competitive prices. All the products are based on a particular theme ranging from a space station to a doll house. Such themes also help in stimulating the children's mental abilities. For inflatable rental businesses, to partner with Happy Jump could open doors to new opportunities and multiplied revenues.

Why Buy New Just For the Sake of it? Go for Happy Jump's Used Slides

The greatest problem for all businesses is when they get stuck at a point where finances are required to diversify their product range and attract new customers but they are not available. In the case of inflatable rental businesses, each new product could cost a significant amount. If your company is not able to afford our new products that are also put on sale, do not be disappointed as Happy Jump still has a solution for you. While in the case of electronic goods, used equipment may carry a bad reputation, the same does not hold true for inflatable products. These products are designed with materials that could withstand great amounts of forces and pressure yet retain their integrity. Our used slides at a much discounted price provide the perfect opportunity to inflatable rental businesses to expand their product range. The professionals at Happy Jump test these products thoroughly before selling them on. Any of your questions regarding the remaining life of the products could be answered by our representatives. Although everyone desires to purchase new products, you could always get a new one when you have the required finances. Also, the re-sale value for used products does not fall much compared to new products. Follow our website for our expansive array of products and their prices.

Jumper for Kids: A New Meaning of Independence

Every event needs something exclusive to make it special. If not for others, each event could be made special for children just by adding a jumper for kids. This small world of theirs helps them to jump and enjoy while the world keeps busy in its routine. For parents, children are one of the prime sources of joy. But it is important to understand that for children, it is the most exhilarating experience to let themselves free without the fear of the possibilities and impossibilities. Happy Jump has been manufacturing the most reliable inflatable products for over a decade. Not only are the company's products relatively much cheaper to buy, customers also get the opportunity to make any modifications as they please. Inflatable rental businesses, individuals and even corporate businesses can benefit from the company's products as they even make marketing balloons that could attract considerable attention at public events.

To Jump for Joy with Inflatable Jumpers

Almost every other kid around the world grows up with fantasies of being able to fly, to run at super-sonic speeds, climb up the sides of buildings, or to jump across huge distances in one bound. They are inspired by Superman, Batman, Spiderman or the Flash. Regardless of the superhero they idolize, every kid wants to defy gravity and achieve incredible feats. Help your young one realize their dreams and fantasies today by purchasing or renting one of the many well designed, safe and secure, high quality and affordable inflatable jumpers from Happy Jump Inc.

A Slide to Buy a Cup of Happiness!

Buy yourself, your kids, and any friends they might have over, a long lasting cup of pure happiness by looking for a slide to buy in the amazingly vast range of products on offer by Happy Jump Inc. Providing the best of inflatable products and fulfilling customer dreams and fantasies since 1999, Happy Jump Inc. offers a variety of products that include slides, bounce castles, jumping houses and space walks amongst many more!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

16' Water Slide - WS4110

16' Water Slide
16' Water Slide Our Slides with Pools have a unique Inflated Landing Pad that helps protect the rider when there isn't enough water in the pool or if the slide is used dry with ball pit balls or foam blocks. This price is valid on In Stock Items only and while supplies last and cannot be combined with existing orders. Additional Discount may not be applied to this Deal. Shipping is Additional to the Listed CLEARANCE PRICE. It may be shipped to a business with a loading dock or forklift or to the nearest Fedex/ Con-way Service center to the customer.Additional $75 on top of the Shipping Cost will be billed to the customer if shipping to a residence with liftgate.

Name: 16' Water Slide
Product ID: WS4110
Unit Height: 16
Min. Height Req.:0
Unit Length: 25
Weight: 320.00 lbs
Unit Width: 12
Warranty: 36 Months

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